Welcome to the rise and fall of Avastus

A continuing epic of a group of heroes driven together by sheer force of the dungeon master’s will and poor plot devices.

Avastus is the largest kingdom in the southern parts of a yet to be named continent. Here, a greedy bastard king has taken it upon himself to conquer the known world. As his plan unfolds he orders for the execution of all Eladrin and beast folk within his borders.

In an attempt to stop the evil Belanor, Yanick, the previous archmage of Avastus splits his magical power into seven staves meant for seven talented mages, wizards and shamans and sends them flying away over the continent that has yet to be named.

Jade is one of these seven archmages, and with a band of ragtag heroes, both new and old she sets out on a quest to return balance to the world, or at least to shift the balance away from Belanor.

On her quest she is aided by Aylin Aymir, Gyatso Tenzin, Richard, Reverence and Arya Arlovskaya.

Driven by gold, phat loot and the possibility to avoid large scale genocide, the team sets out on a longhaul quest that should keep the players busy for a while.

There are also these guys; Alice Silverhand, Bl!tz, Flynn Shieldheart, Frodo the Halfling, Jim the Kobold, Jason Voorhees, Jhaqen, King Belanor, Keyleth, Ma’iq the Liar, Malignus the Mage, Patrick “Peppy” O’hare, Sailsmaster Reginald Van Winslow, Timmy Silverhand, Yufi Arlovskaya and Zero

The Rise and Fall of Avastus

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