The Rise and Fall of Avastus

Season 5.0 The DM's nightmare
The official D&D OVA

I had the weirdest dream, It went something like this;

Some people may call that too warm, but let’s just say it was 30 degrees Celsius outside.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were blissfully singing away in the afternoon sun. In the background I heard the sound of children screaming with joy and water hitting the bottom of slides with violent splashes.

Around me there was a large group of colorful individuals that initially didn’t draw my attention. They looked like ordinary human beings, besides the fact that some were extremely tall, muscular or just simply covered in fur.

We headed into a large wooden building which was clearly built from the remnants of old ships. Fishermen’s nets hung above our heads and large round tables were constructed atop of old steering wheels. The nets were lined with Tinkers and treasures and many different pirate flags lined the walls. The entire room was warm and slightly humid, it smelled of a combination of wet wood, chlorine and recently extinguished candles. A guitar, ukelele and violin could be heard somewhere in the background but the most obvious sounds were those coming from the outside of the building.

We all sat down at a large table at which I finally got the chance to look at the company I found myself in. To my own amazement they were characters from my dungeons and dragons campaign. The building itself was filled with minor side characters who were all standing in the background minding their own business. Reverence and Jhaqen were both standing at the same table, discussing women and alcohol. Reverence raised his glass at me with his tail as he noticed me looking his way. A bit further down there was Keyleth in a red bikini, smoking a cigarette whilst wearing a pair of over sized sunglasses. The commanders of the freedom army were all sitting at one big round table, drinking and laughing.

At the left side of my table there were Flynn, Timmy, Richard and Jim, the kobold necromancer of doom. Flynn looked like a 60’s version of wolverine, sporting a pair of board shorts and a pair of aviator sunglasses. Timmy tried to copy his look, but just ended up looking like a kid trying to copy his older brother. Richard was wearing a black speedo and seemed to be making an effort to stay in a modeling pose at all times. Jim was wearing a life vest and a pair of children’s floating armbands. Which is weird, because I always figured Kobolds would be great swimmers.

Winslow was sitting at the far end of the table. He was wearing a large Hawaiian shirt which was only buttoned up halfway. Instead of his signature pirate hat he wore a straw hat and he had an unlit cigar in breast pocket.

To my right there were Alice, Aylin,Jade and Dyno. Alice was wearing a blue bikini, clearly involving some kind of push up bra as she was constantly making flirty eye contact with Arya whenever she thought I wasn’t looking. Over the years Alice went from being a stuck up novice paladin to an expert of Defense that drops all the rules as soon as the clock hits five. Today was clearly her day off.
Jade was wearing a purple bating suit and shawl combination, somehow she found a way to make her bathing attire look the least casual of the bunch.
Next to Jade, and almost stuck to her arm was Dynolias, or just Dino, who was of course wearing purple swimming trunks to match Jade’s outfit, he was covered in sunscreen and wore a small hat to protect him from the sun.
Aylin was wearing a black bikini with multiple jolly roger’s printed on it. She was carefully readjusting her top and breast size until she noticed too many people were staring, after which she grew a large mustache to keep people from looking at her whilst she fixed her top. Once she was done she sat back to look around the table.
Gyatso was casually leaning against a pillar just behind Aylin. He was wearing something which looked like a black lifeguard uniform and a pair of swimming goggles. His tattoos were configured to shape like waves over his arms and neck.
Arya was sitting just off to my left on a large barrel. She was wearing a pink bikini and was playfully rocking up and down the barrel whilst she waited for the meeting to start. She clearly wasn’t sure if she wanted to be in hybrid or human form, because she may have switched a few times as I looked around the table.

Just when I started wondering how all these characters got here I opened my mouth and spoke the following sentence;
‘You all know why you are here. The next chapter of the campaign is starting and I need inspiration on how to continue. I have been making plans to jump through several dimensions in which you will all be slightly altered. Today I would like your feedback and maybe personal preferences so we can further develop your characters by placing them in their niche environment.’
‘Can we go to the pool yet?’ Dino asked whilst tugging Jade‘s shawl, ’I already know my part’
‘Shhh, in a minute Dino,’ Jade whispered, ‘He will be done in a minute’
‘Actually I think we will be sitting here for a while’ Flynn replied, ’I’m sort of him and this can take some time.’

Dino looked completely bummed out and I felt sorry for the kid.
‘But it’s so hot…’ He complained once more, ’Can’t we get a slushie?’
‘In a minute snowflake,’ Jade replied once more, ‘As soon as….’
Jade and I made eye contact for a second and she stopped talking,
‘Just go,’I said, ‘But be sure to take a responsible adult with you.’
‘Ok..’ Dino got up from his chair and looked across the room for a second, ‘hmmm’
He raised his finger and pointed at Gyatso.
‘Responsible…’ I said, whilst Winslow chuckled.
‘Wha…’ Gyatso raised his arms whilst looking at me. ‘How am I not responsible.’
‘He wants you to buy him ice cream my boy,’ Winslow answered, ‘Not beat down on prices…’
A small laughter went through the group.
’I’ll go with you,’ Aylin said, ‘if that’s ok with you… DM…’ She said with a cynical tone.
‘No… by all means, you and Jade are technically the same person anyway,’ I replied.

Some confused looks went across the table and after several seconds the group turned their attention back to me.

Jim the Kobold also got up from his chair and followed Aylin and Dino as they left the room.
Jim…’ I asked, ‘Where are you going?’
‘Iceream?’ he asked carefully.
‘Just try to stay with the responsible adult…’ I said as I waved him off.
’I’m older th…’ He tried to reply, but then he lowered his finger and darted after Aylin and Dino.

The table befell quiet for a second.
‘How about larger enemies with higher Armour class and increased damage,’ Jade suggested, ‘It will show we can handle strong enemies as a unit and further establish our reputation as legendary heroes…’
‘Will you be joining these encounters Jade?’
‘I would of course partake in such encounters for I am the most capable character to exert control in such a situation…’ She said with a stern voice.
’I’ll add one, and then a ton of minions to give others a chance to shine…’
‘Yes…’ Gyatso whispered whilst quenching his fist.
I glanced at Arya, who was now flopped out over the barrel which she was lying on. Her ears were sadly hanging downward as sweat dripped from her fur.
‘Whoo…’ She tried to exclaim, as she made a sad attempt to raise her fist.
‘You warm?’ I asked.
‘Yes…’ she grunted.
‘You want to get a slushie?’ I asked.
‘Yes please,’ she replied politely.
‘Just go…’ I sighed, as I glanced around the room. ‘Where are you going Alice?’
Alice had just gotten up from her chair. ‘I… ehm… I’m going to join Arya and… the others, for a.. slushie..’
‘You are terrible Alice, just go…’
‘You wrote me…’ She snapped back.
‘I…’ I turned to Flynn for support but he shrugged his shoulders ’Don’t look at me man…’

I took the opportunity to look at the remaining people in the room. Flynn was casually hanging in his chair, looking at the ceiling for interesting tinkers and treasure which were hung up as ornaments. Timmy was sitting on the edge of his seat and was anxiously awaiting my next words.Richard was scrolling his smartphone for pictures of hunky men whilst trying to show them to Timmy. Winslow was sitting with his arms folded over his body, like a grumpy old businessman on holiday, waiting for the next course of his meal. Jade was the last one sitting at her side of the table. She was sitting perfectly upright and looked me dead in the eyes with her piercing eyes of emerald green.

‘Everybody who wants to get a slushie can leave now…’ I said,
Gyatso slipped towards the door as quickly as he could and left to meet up with the others.
Flynn and Richard both looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and both tried to look as cool as possible as they headed for the exit.

I shook my head and continued the conversation.
’Here’s the situation…’ I tried, ‘We got a massive army to the south of the wall, and we need to bypass these armies by shifting into another dimension. Which dimensions can we use to carefully introduce the team into the concept?’
‘Well…’ Timmy tried, ‘There could be… like a dimension where… err… I was like all… cool.’
‘Cool?’ I asked, ‘Cool… I can work with that.’

‘We could go full western,’ Jake said, as he and Morbid sat themselves at the table.
They were both wearing matching swimming trunks and sunglasses. Morbid was holding a large inflatable beach ball under his arm.
‘We can be savage!’ Morbid grunted, ‘Perhaps outlaws!’
The duo then high-fived each other, ‘Mad idea bro.’
‘You want to be the bad guys?’ I asked Morbid, ‘That usually means Gyatso kills you, you…’
‘Well, If we’e evil…’ Jake interrupted, ‘Then the dimension can only improve aight?’
‘Ok, helping dimensions with a focus on your own. I can work with that, anything else?’

A few ideas went across the table for multiple dimensions and settings, mainly revolving certain styles and era’s from my time. The discussion was broken by a soaking wet Dino who darted into the room followed by Gyatso who ran after him with a towel.
Jade! Jade!’ Dino called out as he grabbed her arm and enthusiastically started telling about how far Gyatso could throw him into the swimming pool and about the massive dive bombs Aylin could make whilst they let Jim wait in line for the drinks. Jim then shuffled into the room with an over sized tray with all kinds of colored slushies raised above his head.

Jade tried to look at the three soaking wet adventurers in disapproval but couldn’t help but smile. ‘Good job Jim,’ She remarked as she took one of the slushies from the tray.
‘Who wants to hit water world!?’ Jake called out as he jumped up from his chair.
‘Yeah!’ Morbid followed up.
Jake…’ I said whilst I looked at him disbelief.
‘What? We’e done ‘ere, you know it…’ He said whilst raising his arms in disbelief.
‘Here you go mr DM sir,’ Dino said as he handed me a bright blue icy cold slushie.
Jade…’ I said as I took the drink, ‘Little less formal.’
‘Call him buttface,’ Gyatso snickered,
‘Should I kill you again?’ I asked him as I looked his way.
‘You couldn’t even if you wanted to,’ Jade laughed.
I stuck my tongue out at Jade, ‘Just call me Tristan,’ I said as I turned to Dino.
‘Ok mr DM Tristan.’ Dino replied as he maintained eye contact with Jade.

Just as I wanted make a remark Alice and Arya re-entered the room hand in hand, holding slushies in the other, ‘When are you writing Alice back into the story?’ Arya pressed.
‘I know I am doing important stuff, but I feel I..’ Alice paused for a second, ‘I think I…’
‘Next episode… Grand return.’ I interrupted, ‘Happy?’
‘Any other questions?’ I asked as I leaned back in my chair drinking my blueberry slushie.

‘Jolly good meeting sir,’ Winslow said as he got up from the opposite side of the table and walked over to my chair. ‘May I suggest you don’t forget Water… World…’ He stressed the last part of the sentence as he leaned on the table whilst reaching for his cigar.
‘I see where you are going with this.’ I smiled at him, ‘Aylin has also been asking for a pirate world. Maybe it’s about time we give it a re-run.’
‘Since when do you smoke anyway Winnie?’ I asked.
‘Ever since I was evil…’ Winslow winked.
‘Oooohh…’ I smiled as I got up from my chair and exited the building into the bright sunlight of reality.

I woke up with a raging headache, I overslept and I had so much work to do.

Season 4.15 Epilogue

In this chapter I will describe what the heroes did after they saved the city,

This will also include an introduction to the next chapter in the campaign

Season 4.14 The battle for Trost

This chapter will elaborate on how our heroes commanded a large portion of the army and succesfully gained control of Trost

Season 4.13 If you wish for peace, prepare for war
Si vis Pacem, Para bellum

I actually wrote the homo-erotic face gunking chapter, but it will remain hidden for the time being! ^^

Next up I will write on how the heroes journey’d home and trained the troops Jade has amassed.

Season 4.12 The Adventurers quarters
Dungeons and debauchery...

‘I found it,’ Arya called out to the group whilst pointing down a large well lit street, ‘The adventurers quarters is this way’
‘Great!’ Richard replied.
’I’m getting really tired of all these mimics’
‘I fought them in the great war you know’ Renegade said whilst casually swinging one of his pickaxes, ’It’s all in my back story you guys never read’.

Gyatso tried not to pay too much attention to these conversations, He’d noticed too many traps on his way in to let his guard down now. Even though the district they now entered was brightly lit and adorned with colorful flags of all nations, the kobolds were a tricky kind and their traps could be anywhere.

The group wasn’t even halfway down the main street when they heard a woman crying in one of the many taverns. As the team stormed in they were confronted with a woman dressed in her nightgown with to her side a muscular male in his underwear. She was sitting on a staircase clutching a small leash that was attached to the man.
‘Oh praise the gods! Heroes!’ She said whilst quickly standing up causing her voluptuous breasts to bounce in her skimpy dress.
‘I thought everybody was killed by those… those monsters!’

‘Hey baby, how much for the slave?!’ Richard blurred out as he dashed forward to inspect the muscular man.’
Richard, don’t be so insensitive…’ Aylin responded, ‘What happened?’
‘Everybody just suddenly started killing each other, me and mike were able to hide. But in our hurry our equipment got stolen’ The lady then turned her attention to Richard with a trembling voice, ‘And I would love to sell you my sexy slave friendly sir!’

Gyatso and Reverence looked at each other for a second and shrugged. It isn’t unusual for Richard to get his way, but never had he engaged in a successful deal so quickly. Reverence lit his pipe and sat himself down on one of the chairs whilst Gyatso started wandering through the tavern in search of traps and useful equipment.

Before Arya could open her mouth to respond Richard pulled out his empty wallet, only to conclude he gave all his money to his kobold followers to construct a mighty throne for his presidency.
‘I shall pay you for your slave later!’ He stammered, ‘You see, I am a millionaire king, and I make a lot of money really quickly! How does 2000 Gold sound? I have it as soon as I reach the bank!’
Richar…’ Arya attempted again before being interrupted by the lady.
’It’s a deal!’ The lady called out, ‘How could I ever resist such a charming and reliable hero such as yourself!’
‘I think Arya is trying to say…’ Aylin tried to step in, but before she could finish her sentence Richard had written an “IOweU” note and taken the slave by the leash to a separate room.

Aylin shrugged as she placed her long coat over the barely dressed woman to keep her warm, Something is up, she thought to herself. Nobody sells off their sex slave five minutes after seeing every inhabitant of a city kill each other. She turned herself to Gyatso who was now heavily blushing as he tried to waver off the advances of the lady who was almost literally throwing herself at him.
‘Aww com’on’ She said whilst pressing her breasts together ever so slightly ‘A strong man like you can guide me to safety can’t you?’
‘Eh…’ Gyatso replied, ‘I’m not sure if that is such a good idea, I thi…’
‘Oh but please, I’ve been hiding for sooooooo long.’ Whilst slowly moving closer to Gyatso’s face with her lips protruded. ‘Can’t you at least keep me company, I don’t want to be alone anymore.’
‘I… Eh….’Gyatso leaned away from the woman, ‘Maybe it’s safer if we all travel togeth…’

‘Oh my, what do we have here,’ The woman quickly shifted her attention to the well groomed Tiefling in the room who had now gotten up from his chair. ‘Aren’t you the handsome devil?’
‘But of course,’ Reverence replied with a soft and charismatic voice as he slowly approached her, ‘Let me show you something my dear,’ he said whilst softly placing his right hand on her cheek.

A loud bang resonated through the room and the other adventurers stood in awe as they witnessed a large ball of fire where the woman’s head had previously been. Her body quickly turned green and gallons of goo oozed from every part of her body as unleashed a monstrous scream. Tentacles sprouted and started lashing out from the flaming creature. Reverence hadn’t trusted her from the start and thought the charade should be over by now.

Gyatso didn’t doubt for a second and dashed towards her ramming his fist on her throat to stop the screaming, he gave a second punch to her leg and a third to her torso to send her flying backwards. Arya quickly charged up her lightning and the battle was over in a flash.

Meanwhile Richard had softly massaged the muscular man whilst undressing him even further.

(Here goes the DM’s soul…)

He took out the large man’s large penis and softly massaged the foreskin until it was fully erect. Richard playfully touched it with his nose before he placed it in his mouth. The man smiled and placed his hands on the back of Richards head. After massaging it for several seconds with his tongue Richard felt the man was now pressing at the back of his head. Always willing to please, Richard took the penis into his mouth as far as he could, where he held it a couple of seconds before he vigorously started sucking the long hard penis. The fun was only just getting started, as Richard felt a hard slap on the back of his head. Richard wasn’t aware he was handling such a rowdy boy and pinched the man’s firm butt cheeks whilst continuing to suck his dick. Richard never minded it when it got rough, but he was a firm believer that kinky sex was a two way street. A second slap to Richard’s head however, almost gave him a concussion and as he slowly opened his eyes to give the man a disapproving yet naughty gnaw to the balls he noticed the man’s body was turning green and rancid ooze was starting to drip from his muscular body. As he tried to push himself away the man took a firm hold of Richard’s head and shoved his now in goo covered penis as far into his mouth as he could. Richard gagged as the ooze was now freely flowing into his throat and was being pushed upward into his nasal cavity. In a split second he used his breaching armour to drop himself through the floor and wall behind him.

Once outside Richard spat on the pavement and wiped the gunk of his face.
‘It’s not often I choke on something of that size,’ He scoffed at himself. ‘… Don’t even know the fucker’s name.’

As he got up from the dirt he could hear a loud explosion coming from the tavern. He ran up and just as he kicked in the door he witnessed a second ooze dropping to the floor twitching with electrical current.
‘What happened to you?’ Aylin almost cried in laughter as she witnessed Richard’s face covered in goo.
‘Long story.’ He replied whilst placing an arrow on his bow.
‘Good one,’ Gyatso smirked, Even though he technically had no prior knowledge of what happened.

The door to the main room violently swung open, in the door opening stood a large oozing creature with tentacles violently rapping against the door post. Aylin drew a dagger and her trusty rapier from its sheath and rushed towards the creature. As she was about to unleash hell upon the creature she slipped and slid underneath it’s massive oozing torso.

Gyatso attempted to aid Aylin, yet made a similar mistake and got himself stuck between the ooze and the door post. Reverence shook his head in disbelief and hurled a massive fireball at the stack of people and ooze. His smile however quickly faded away as the creature lifted up both his friends and used them to stop the fireball. The creature then used his slimy tentacles to grab a solid hold of both heroes but got distracted by an arrow that hit him where his heart would be if he were human. Aylin and Gyatso both saw their chance and used a combined attack to dismember the creature with a combination of blows and cuts. As it fell to the floor Arya couldn’t help but giggle at Gyatso and Aylin who were now covered in thick ooze and what seemed to be blood.

The team used a couple of minutes to get the majority of the goo off their armor and decided it was time to continue to the dragons chamber.

The dragon’s chamber

Upon arrival at the dragons chamber the team witnessed a large purple dragon in a sleeping position with its head pointed towards the heroes. ‘Who dares enter my chambers!’ He said, followed by a loud coughing sound.
‘It’s the old lord dragon!’ Renegade called out whilst dropping his weapons, ‘Please show respect to the almighty adviser of the Kobold kingdom!’
The entire party sheathed their weapons, with the exception of Gyatso who just stared at his hands for a few seconds.
‘It is us, the adventurers who come to free the Kobold kingdom’ Arya called out, ‘Who are you?’
‘I am Strongwing, a dragon in his twilight and the father of the scourge that haunts these halls.’ The dragon spoke in a heavy yet calm voice. ‘My sons have squandered their gift of life and now pray upon the weak.’
‘Can you point us towards your… scourge,’ Gyatso tried as cautiously as possible. ‘And you said sons… Are there two dragons?’
‘I can show you the way, however…’ The dragon paused for a second. ‘It seems I am in need of a favour.’
‘What does it pay?’ Richard inquired whilst smiling broadly.
‘I shall thank you, and point you towards my sons.’ The dragon said without a hint of sarcasm.
‘Consider it done’ Said Aylin, ‘What can we do for you?’

‘I have been wounded in the chaos of the great evacuation and am losing quite some blood. I would highly appreciate it if you could send your healer towards my right flank and fix me so I can spent some more years reflecting on my life.’

The team moved up through a dark cavern and noticed a large wound of almost half a meter in diameter. As they were standing around discussing their possibilities Reverence threw another one of his signature fireballs at the wound completely cauterizing it within seconds. The entire team turned towards him in anger, threatening he should discuss these type of actions before just blasting away like he usually does. His reply, ‘Hon hon hon…’ He said with a heavy Franken accent.

The group moved up to the face of the dragon again. ‘though the operation was painful, I must thank you traveling heroes. I shall enlighten you with two peaces of knowledge. The first is that my sons have let their brutal nature dominate their wisdom, for this reason they have sinned in the eyes of Bahamut and must be destroyed. They are in the chapel of Moradin at the moment, probably torturing lesser life forms such as yourselves.’ The dragon stopped to cough and catch his breath. ‘The second is that we are dragons of darkness, not by choice, but because the sunlight hurts us. Use this against my sons to gain the upper hand and may the light of the earth have mercy upon their soul.’ The dragon let out a large tear that rolled down the side of his gargantuan skull. ‘Now please leave me, I have to rest.’

The team turned towards the chapel of Moradin and head out their way. Arya stayed for a few seconds, contemplating to ask the dragon a question, but as it closed its eyes she quickly followed her allies.

(DM’s note; She had the feeling she had to ask; ‘What is it like to live an eternity?’ )

Once the team entered the chapel of Moradin they noticed daylight peering in through small cracks in the ceiling. This meant they were close to the surface of the mountain once again. As they carefully tread down the chapel’s alley they heard the clapping of dragons wings.

Within a split second Aylin and Richard started a combination of attacks to keep the dragons distracted whilst Arya summoned a massive hurricane to bring down the ceiling to let daylight into the large hallway. Gyatso then used a strong blow to stun the dragon in the cavern to keep it exposed to the sunlight. As Aylin and Richard hacked away at the dragons weak spots Arya used a combination of lightning and the hurricane she summoned to keep the dragons immobilized. The bright daylight kept burning away at their scales as Reverence placed himself upon a large collapsed pillar and unleashed fireball after fireball at the now helpless creatures. As the two dragons fell the team quickly celebrated by going through a small horde the dragons had collected.

However, the majority of coins were Kobold Copper coins and cheap pieces of armor.
‘The Kobold kingdom was never a rich one I guess’ Aylin commented as she kicked some of the copper pile aside. ‘Let’s hope their leader has a better reward in store for us.’
‘I am their leader!’ Richard called out. ‘I am…’
Before Richard could finish his sentence a large explosion resonated throughout the chappel. A bright red light now filled the room and from it came a Tiefling donning an immensely extravagant and advanced piece of armor. ‘Reverence! There is no time to explain! Come with me!’
‘ That guy looks exactly like Reverence,’ Gyatso said whilst comparing the two. ‘You think the monk of time has something to do with this?’
As Gyatso was still halfway his sentence Reverence glanced around the room and stepped through the portal with his other or future self. The portal then quickly collapsed and the heroes were then left within the dim moldy chapel.

‘Home anyone?’ Arya said whist tying her wands to her back.

Season 4.11 Mimic Trouble
And the election of the new president

The team continues down the road into the dungeon, where they head into the living quarters. They notice the floor is uneven and upon inspection discover they are walking over the corpses of hundreds of dead kobolds. They have been slain with steel weaponry, but all of them are unarmed. The heroes hear a crowd discussing in the distance and move in to investigate.Gyatso, Aylin and Richard climb the ramparts and view the commotion from above. Richard is able to understand the conversation and he whispers to Gyatso and Aylin that the two rival clans are blaming each other for the genocide of the Orange-kin outside.

Reverence walks up to the door and knocks. He bluffs to the Kobolds that he is a man of god, in fluent draconic. Somehow they fall his for his ruse and let him in. He sits down in a quiet corner and listens to the kobolds discussing their problem.

On the ramparts above Richard asks Renegade the Betrayer, their newest addition to the team, who was actually responsible for the genocide of the orange-kin. Renegade loudly explains that they all killed each other under the influence of the evil dragon. Richard tries to hush down the loudmouthed kobold but fails.

Reverence places his hands over his face and watches as the kobolds demand the team come down from the ramparts to identify themselves. Richard, Aylin and Gyatso jump down and try to explain the situation. The kobolds say that only the king can solve this issue, which must be somebody who is tall and strong. Richard suggests he become their king and takes place on the throne. He notices one of the Kobolds snickering and inspects the throne where he discovers a whoopy-cushion. He removes it and sits down on the throne, only to notice he sticks to it. A loud whipping sound resonates through the room…

Richard quickly escapes from the mimics grip and dashes to the opposite side of the room. The entire team engages with the murderous creature and before too long the creature is taken care of. The team decided to call it a day and guided the 38 distressed kobolds to the surface where they crowned Richard as their king. Richard declined, and said he’d rather be their president. The kobolds were confused by this, because they elected a new king every year.

As the team excited the kobold capital they were welcomed by the evening sun. Reverence instantly threw down his backpack and fell asleep in the meadow. Arya was not planning on setting up her tent whilst Reverence held an instant campsite. She threw a spark of lightning at him to wake him up, resulting in Reverence waking up in a bad mood, almost setting the meadow on fire.

The group set up camp whilst Gyatso held watch over the kobolds for the first few hours, after which he joined the campfire with the rest of our heroes.

It was a good day…

Season 4.10 Showdown with Magnus
Prince of metal

Our heroes continue down the tunnels of the great kobold city. At some point a phone starts ringing. Aylin cuts the rope to the bell so its stops ringing. After a few minutes Gyatso figures out it can be used to communicate long distances trough the city, like a global communication system. On the other side of the line are a mysterious figure name Doge and Morbid.

Morbid explains to Arya and Gyatso that he and Jake have run into some trouble in district 9.Jake then takes over the line bacause Morbid was having some trouble with his voice. Jake explains the city has multiple confusing districts, but district 9 isn’t too far away from their current position.

Our heroes arrive at district 9 just as Magnus the wizard crushes Morbid within his steel armor with some kind of telekinetic magic. Jake runs to him and uses his healing lore to resuscitate Morbid. As Morbid awakens he refers to the time they escaped from slavery together and asks Jake to lend him his strength. Jake uses blood magic to transfer most of his life power to Morbid, turning him into an unstoppable force of nature. He then takes off his heavy armor and leaps at Magnus. Jake slumps down to a wall, having given up most of his life force.

In the meantime the team has engaged Magnus and his Kobold lackeys which are quickly struck down by Gyatso. Magnus erects a wall of steel to protect himself from the adventurers butRichard quickly dashes around it, firing multiple volleys of arrows at Magnus. As Magnus is distracted Aylin jumps from the shadows, driving her sword deep into Magnus his chest. In anger he flings away Aylin’s sword, who fluently tumbles away to retrieve it. As magnus turns he is tackled by Gyatso from behind. He quickly stands up and draws Richard’s sword from his belt to attack Aylin. Seconds later he is struck by a massive pillar of lightning. With his ears ringing an his vision distorted he witnesses how the wall of steel melts away as a demon peers at him from the other side. A massive fireball erupts from the hole and slams into both Magnus and Gyatso. Just as Magnus raises his hand to wrap the metal wall to encase the demon he is grabbed by Morbid, who in a single move dislocates both his shoulders.

Magnus pleads for his life and suggests the adventurers take all his possessions and let him leave. The team accepts and Richard takes his Bloodmagic ring of Metalbending.

Arya uses her knowledge of healing to awakenJake. Jake and Morbid tell the team to continue whilst they rest to regain their strength.

Season 4.09 Into the Kobold City
Kobolds, Traps and Companions

The triumphant return
As Reverence and Gyatso exit from the Kobold’s war tent the sky above them turns black. Hundreds of arrows hail down upon them only to collide with a bright purple shield, several meters above our heroes heads.

Jim, The kobold necromancer of doom declares the heroes as their allies and claims leadership over the clans. After some discussing in Draconic the Tribe accepts and lower their weapons. Gyatso and Reverence return to Hobbiton to tell of the Kobolds plight.

Meanwhile Aylin and Richard decide they have enjoyed the Orcs company long enough and they decide to head back to Hobbiton with the blessing of the Orc Shaman. The Orcs will support the archmage of Trost in her battle to retake trost.

Back in the hobbit village Arya is heavily discussing the possibility to construct a staff of ruin withFlynn and the elder Blacksmith. After several hours of discussion with the elder council, and by flashing the right amount of power and money,Arya is granted permission to destroy the ancient oak in the middle of the city.

However, the elder blacksmith refuses to use the elder oak to constuct the staves of ruin himself, feeling that would be dishonest towards his great-great-great-grandfather who planted the oak. He finally agrees to teach Flynn the way of the forge. Flynn then spends many hours sweating over a forge to construct the staves of ruin, crafted after Arya’s personal design.

The murder plot
Richard realizes it has been several days since her has murdered somebody and his hands are starting to itch. He finds the nearest dark corner of the city and strikes up a conversation with a narcotics dealer. After several minutes he asks to buy the most heavy of drugs and the two find a quiet corner to do their business. As the hobbit turns his back, Richard slits his throat and takes his money. After which he goes back to the tavern like nothing ever happened.

Reverence was just enjoying the company of his beloved Rosa, a fancy hobbit lady who fell head over heels for the charming devil, when a loud knock resonated through the room. News had come from the other side of town that Rosa her brother was killed by a bandit. Rosa apologized to Reverence and made her leave. Reverence couldn’t blame her and decided to make the most of the situation by lighting his pipe. As he exhaled he accidentally blew embers from the pipe unto the bed, setting it ablaze. He wasn’t afraid of the flames and decided to set his entire body ablaze with magical flames and enjoy the warmth.

Gyatso heard of the fires in the tavern and the recent murders and teamed up withAylin to investigate these current events. It didn’t take him long to figure out Reverence was behind the fires and after questioning some of the citizens he found out the murder victim was not very well liked in town.

At this point Richard started getting involved in the investigation and started accusing several of the hobbit to committing the murder. After several hours the local authorities approachedGyatso andAylin and ensured them the investigation is in their capable hands.

The grand marshal of the Hobbit foreign legion calls the team together in the great hall with “King” Patrick. Here he announces he has received news that the Orcs of Agravosh Mogra, The Demons of The Kingdom of Eternal night and the Foreign legion of Snodlob Hills have agreed to aid them in the battle for Trost. If the team can return the Kobold capital city to the Kobolds they will also grant their forces. The marshal then reveals that he is in factJade, who has occupied his body to combine their tactical knowledge for the upcoming battle. Over the course of the following days they will think of a plan to retake Trost from the United Trade Federation and ensure Avastus cannot gain a foothold in the northern lands.

As the team exits the great hall Flynn presents Arya with her new staffs of Ruin and wishes the team best of luck.

On route to the Kobold Kingdom
The team takes a short rest and after preparing their horses they set out towards a four day journey to the Kobold Kingdom. On the road they are stopped by a band of Orc bandits, but they are quickly dispatched. After the combat they hear a duo applaud their most recent victory;Jake and Morbid.Jake tells the team in his thick Spacestrailian accent that he and his companion are also on their way to slay the dragon and free the kobold city.

After some talking everybody mounts their horses and continues until nightfall. After some searching the team finds a nice place for a campsite. Reverence then pulls a small pouch from his robes and tosses in into the air, instantly creating a campsite with four tents and a large campfire. Everybody sleeps in their own tent, with the exception of Arya and Aylin, who take the opportunity to strengthen their bond through girl talk.

The next morning the team sets out again and after three more days of travel they arrive at the kobold city.

Entrance of the Kobold City
At the entrance of the kobold caverns there is a large group of kobolds with their spears and bows at the ready. They yell at the adventurers and tell them they should go away. Arya improvises a ruse and tells the Kobolds they are part of a traveling circus that has come to entertain the dragon. Richard makes a triple front flip to elaborate on these claims. The kobolds believe the heroes, but still want to kill them. Reverence catches some of the kobolds discussing in draconic that the traps haven’t been placed and thus they should just kill these clowns whilst they aren’t suspecting anything.

Reverence retaliates by throwing mighty balls of fire towards the Kobolds and a battle unfolds. After several minutes the Kobolds have all been dispatched and their general has barely had a chance to draw his weapon. The team decides to move into the large towering construction in search for the dragon.

The architecture reveals that the caverns used to be a dwarven kingdom ages ago, of a time long forgotten. Improvised wooden structures show kobolds have made these tunnels theirs. Judging by Larger trees and complex craftsmanship the kobolds have been residing here more than several decades.

Jake and Morbid tell the team they know these type of dungeons and say they will look for a different entrance to ensure the team doesn’t get flanked when they enter the Kobold Kingdom.

It doesn’t take long before the heroes discover the tunnels are riddle with traps. Some are wire traps, others are grape-vines and others are poisonous gasses that cause strong hallucinations. Gyatso initially uses a loose brick to trigger a trap from a distance, causng another trap to go off, hurting Arya and Aylin in the process. Arya walks up to him and slaps him in the face, after which she patches the minor wound. Aylin continues spotting the traps and finds methods to dissable and abuse them to her own liking. This grants her and Gyatso several poison tipped darts which may come in handy later. Reverence decides the best method of disabling the traps is by shooting large balls of fire at them, again causing a cascade setting of multiple traps going off. Luckily nobody gets hurt and the heroes continue through the abandoned hallway until they hear something skittering at the far end.

After several minutes the clear sound of a trap going off resonates through the tunnels. Aylin then spots a small Kobold, with his skin painted red, standing over a small pile of rocks. He turns towards the heroes and introduces himself as Renegade the Betrayer! The team returns the favour and introduces themselves. The kobold seems friendly and agrees to help the team on their mission to slay the dragon. Gyatso largely ignores the little creature and continues to disable the remaining traps in the room until he stumbles across a mechanism he doesn’t fully understand. Arya kneels down with Gyatso and notices his smooth voice speaking to her in a seductive tone. As Gyatso turns to Arya he notices her breasts being more prominent than they normally are and within seconds he realizes the trap emits a hallucinogenic gas. He warns Arya who quickly dashes away and runs into a fierce and scary demon which she makes out to be Reverence. She decides to sit back from the group and chew on some medicinal herbs until the purple elephant-bunny stops talking to her.

After several minutes the team regroups at the end of the hallway and prepare their weapons to face the dragon that resides beyond.

Little did they know this city houses more than just a dragon…

Season 4.08 Snodlob hills
Aiding the hobbits

Stuff was killed

Season 4.07 Tumblr Woods

The heroes attend a ceremony in which they are knighted “Knights of Nightfall”

They also receive the finest black horses to carry them to wherever they wish to go.

They head south to tumblr woods, on their way to Snodlob hills, the land of the hobbits.

They run into a strange village, run by animals.

The animals ask them to lift the curse, that changes them into humans during the night.

They go over to Dovenschmit, who lives in the noisy castle.

The look for a lot of treasure in the upper parts of the castle.

They go through a series of trials in the basement and succeed.

Dovenschmit hands Richard a letter meant for Jade.

Dovenschmit makes a cure, and unleashes it on the population.

Everybody is happy.

The heroes continue to Snodlob hills.


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