Alice Silverhand

The paladin who knows where to lay her hands.


Alice Silverhand is the firstborn in the Silverhand family.

Alice was a paladin held in high regard until she broke off her engagement to Arthur Godshield.



Alice is the eldest child in the Silverhand Family, followed by; Connor Silverhand, Angelique “Angel” Silverhand and Timmy Silverhand.

Like her father before her and every other member of her family she joined the paladin academy. She was quickly identified as a talented healer and a fierce protector of the law. For this reason she quickly went from Cadette to captain over the course of just a few years. During this time got engaged to Arthur Godshield.

During a diplomatic mission in Northern Avastus Alice disobeyed orders from Arthur and expressed her distaste towards him on a professional level. This cut deep with the council and her loyalty as a Paladin of the silver order is questioned. After several weeks Alice admitted that she had long lost any feelings she had towards Arthur and is only with him because their pledge of allegiance required them to be together. Arthur expressed he understood and would request the council to disband their pledges so they could break off their engagement. After several days the grand council met, after whichAlice and Arthur were freed from their vows. Both were to be demoted to the rank of recruit and be sent to different sides of the Avastus empire.

The journey to the west
Alice initially enjoyed her freedom by rerunning her basic training and after graduation she began running errands with her brother in southern Avastus. During one of her errands she ran into an exhaused Hengeyokai. Alice recognized the young hengeyokai as Yufi Arlovskaya the fugitive that recently assassinated prince Jeffrey and placed her under arrest.

Alice and her borther, Connor stopped in a small crossroads inn where they gave her food and water so she could make the journey to Tristar Harbour to stand trail. That evening Connor untied Yufi’s hands and traveled to the city of Swamphaven. Alice was left out in the cold and made pursuit of the two. She found her brother in Tristar harbor, where he explained the law isn’t always right. She threatened to arrest him for meddling with Paladin authority, but he knew the Silverhand family always places family first.

She didn’t have much time to be angry anyway, word had reached them a horde of undead was approaching the city. Apparently a small team of elite heroes were selected to go on a suicide mission to close the source of the creatures whilst every available man must serve to protect the city. Alice was summoned to the academy and was restored to her former rank to aid in the upcoming battle.

Alice was positioned at the southern gates where little action was seen for the duration of the siege. Afterwards She received a vision from the golden lady, one of Bahamut’s close companions. She was to travel to the former front lines to resurrect a vital pawn on the chessboard of destiny.

At the former front lines Alice was guided to a fallen dragonborn warrior. She healed him and he woke up with a horrible pain in his chest, which was clearly caused by the javelin sticking out. Alice removed it, healed his wounds and sent him to the nearest inn. Unbeknownst to her, this dragonborn was Zero.

After this she was sent to the City of Fireferret where she joined forces with Gyatso, Belanor, Arya and Zero to stop a band of thieves terrorizing the town.

After hearing the team speak of their mission to find the-elements of doom she decided to join them on their quest. She formed a detective squad with Jade, a new member of the group, with who she attempted solve a string of murders. During this she also developed a close relationship to Arya Arlovskaya, which eventually developed into a romantic relationship.

The Lost Island Chapters
Alice continued to travel with the team, even to the lost islands where she became a central part of the group, trying to avoid conflict whilst attempting to preach honor and ethics to the band of newly formed pirates. She got along very well with the ships captain; Sailsmaster Reginald Van Winslow, of whom she thought to be one of the few civilized people on board besides Jade.

However, spending more and more time with Arya and coming closer to mortal danger by the day, Alice slowly shook her stern exterior and fully opened up towards Arya. This resulted in a passionate relationship which was visible both in private as well as on the battlefield.

During the final battle in which the world fell apart Alice Kissed Arya and gave her life to protect her from an incoming chaos bolt.

After the world reset
After the world reset Alice finds herself in a parallel dimension where she is still engaged to Arthur. Initially she doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Her status is still intact and she still has some looming feelings for him. As she re-unites with Arya she cannot help but fall in love, but she cannot bring herself to end the engagement again. The day she decides to break off the engagement is the same day Arthur turns the Avastus Army against both the Heroes and Belanor’s army. Arthur then challenges Zero to mortal combat in which he is defeated. Initially Alice is fueled with Anger which later turns to regret that she didn’t break up with Arthur sooner like she did in the parallel dimension.

The group of heroes is then teleported to the most northern parts of the known world. Epic battles ensue and Alice continues to protect the group from harm. During their travels she re-thinks her relationship with Arya only to fall back into her arms once again. The two stay together until Arya falls into mortal danger, during which Alice realizes that every time Arya finds an altars granting her power her mortality fades. This will result in her becoming a higher deity, but Alice will lose her beloved Arya.

Alice decides to travel to Titan mountains withJhaqen where they befriend the nomadic dwarves of the stonehewer clans. With their help they set out on an epic quest to climb Ascensius, the mountain of Gods, where she will request her friend; Arya to become resistant to the toll that her epic destiny will have on her mortal form.

Alice Silverhand

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