"A rolling golem gathers no rust"



A magical robot built by Timmy Silverhand to protect and support the group in times of need. It is currently hidden far away in a dungeon, out of reach of the notorious King Belanor



Blitz was created by Timmy Silverhand, the boy genius in an attempt to slightly burn bread. The idea didn’t catch fire in the city of Threestones and the “toaster”, was set aside.

Bl!tz V 1.0

After a full year of gathering rust, Timmy Silverhand found his old invention again and decided to build a security system for his workshop. The golem was filled with magical crystals and redesigned to detect and restrain intruders. The robot functioned perfectly until it was beaten and shocked by a ragtag group of intruders, led by Alice Silverhand.

Bl!tz V 2.0

Bl!tz was recreated after a few weeks of heavy tinkering and was equipped with flamethrowers, a recharge station, tower mode, and waterproof connector modules, giving him the ability to float. Bl!tz, 2.0 Was destroyed in the final battle of sins.

Bl!tz V 3.0

After the world reset, Timmy Silverhand recieved a series of vision of the mechanical golem, prompting him to create it. Starting from scratch he built the toaster bigger, better and more bad-ass than ever before. It was first deployed in the battle for Yanicks tower, where the forces of Belanor clashed with the Paladins of the Silver Hand. Bl!tz was destroyed and later salvaged from the battlefield by a mysterious figure.


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