Flynn Shieldheart

Tracker, Hunter, Romeo




Flynn was born in the plains nations to the south of Avastus. Here he was raised by his single father to be a hunter like his fathers before him. After many travels together he adopted a stray dog which he named Scruffy for his scruffy appearance.

The Journey to the West
After Flynn’s father died he left the plains nation in search of adventure. With his trusty companion Scruffy he set out to Bluewater, a small port town on the coast of southern Avastus. Here he joined with Gyatso, Arya,Yufi, Jade ,Alice,Belanor, Zero and Jhaqen.

The Lost Island Chapters
During the lost island chapters Flynn functioned as the tracker, hunter, gatherer, leather-worker and first mate. He got along famously with Jhaqen and Gyatso, going on many quests and scouting missions with them.During the journey he would often have heated arguments with Yufi over seemingly useless topics.

After Scruffy died in the battle with mr Timn Flynn was distraught and secluded himself from the group for a while. Upon his return he apologized to Yufi for his behavior and revealed he had feelings for her. The two then started seeing eachother in secret until the group could no longer stand the two’s horrible attempts to cover it up. From that day forth they formed the furriest couple in the group.

In the battle for [UNKNOWN] Island Flynn and Yufi made a final stand together with Timmy and Bl!tz. The battle resulted in the partial destruction of Bl!tz, Flynn losing his left arm and Yufi’s death.

For the remainder of the time he sought ways to revive his beloved Yufi, which he found in the form of a demon scroll. He translated the demon scroll and summoned Orianna. He traded his life for that of Yufi, placing himself in 300 years of servitude in hell.

After the world reset
After Flynn’s father died he set out on an adventure north, haunted by visions of Yufi. One faithful evening he camped near the faregrounds of Circue du fantastique, where he met Yufi for the first time once again. Both had seen each other in what they first identified as dreams and fell hopelessly in love.

Flynn stuck around with the Adventuring party and went with Arya on several errants on Yufi’s request. He even joined the Adventurers guild to put his skils to good use whilst staying close to Yufi. During one of these errands a large battle broke out between the forces of Avastus and the Army of Belanor. In order to escape with their lives Jade used the teleportation scroll to displace themselves to the lands of Myth.

Here Flynn is using his tracking talents to find the best travel routes and to scout cities and roads ahead for potential danger. He also works as a general informant for the adventurers, finding the best rumors and the latest news on the kingdom of Avastus.

Flynn Shieldheart

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