Gyatso Tenzin

The Whirlwind of Punches and Punchlines


Gyatso was trained by the Stonefist monks of Lotus City. From here he journey’d far and wide in the search of his place in this world.



One day an old monk from the eastern air temple, who felt his time had come, went on a final journey through the forest. Through his mind went the eternal questions of life, the universe and everything. As he sat down on a rock overlooking a valley, his thoughts were interrupted by loud screams of a young boy. The old man quickly stood up and ran to aid the boy. As he arrived, he arrived at the harrowing site of a young boy, covered in blood. Around him lay 4 wolves, battered and beaten.

Shocked by what he saw, the monk quickly approached the boy and asked what happened. The boy looked at him with his big eyes, and turned his head. By the looks of the boy he must have been there for a while. Little did he know the boy had spent most of his life in the forests surrounding valley. The boy was brought to the centered breath monks of the eastern air temple. To learn the ways of patience and energy. The boy could not speak, nor understand common, or any other known language. He was named after his finder, Gyatso. (11 years old)

A Year passed, and as the boy grew, so did his rage and violence. The monks of the eastern air temple could no longer handle him and as a last resort they sent him to Lotus City. Here he would train with the stonefist monks for the years to come. The monks were known for their brutal training methods and their experience with problem cases. (12 years old)
During his years among the stonefist monks, Gyatso never learned to control himself, rather he learned to direct his anger. Mostly against training apparatus, bullies and sometimes his masters. The city was hard on him, but he became tough as nails as his masters would punish him after every failure to comply with the rules or virtues of the monks. Slowly he built respect for authority, as the authority build respect for him. Exactly 10 years after he stepped into the stonefist school for monks he had deserved his marks by singlehandedly defending the dojo from bandits that tried to sac it while the other monks where on their daily chores. (22 years old)

One day the monks of the eastern air temple entered the city demanding to see the strongest warriors (this was approximately 2 years later). The stonefist monks were tested on multiple levels of discipline, knowledge and strength. After a long day of testing, Gyatso was called forward and without uttering a single word, the monks of the eastern air temple kneeled before him. He was the chosen one, the one to fulfill the prophecy, to make the legendary pilgrimage to the west and to restore balance to this world. Baffled by their choice the stonefist monks spoke out in anger. Gyatso was far from being the perfect monk! He would lack the discipline or the knowledge to complete the journey. It would go farther and would be more dangerous than men could remember. (24 years old)

Gyatso was baffled by their choice. “Why?” He asked, followed by the hollow silence of the room.
“All will be revealed during your journey to the west.” The Monks answered.

The Journey to the West

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Gyatso Tenzin

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