Seer of Doom and Despair and Mistress of Eyerolling



Jade is a talented eladrin wizard who recently became one of the seven Archmages.

She was chosen for her possession of 7 Magical items:

- Murray, Advocate of the dead.
- Ring of eternal questions.
- The rose of true love.
- The Scroll of reveal path.
- The scroll of astral recall.
- For supposedly bringing two gods.


Jade was born in the feywilds to a rich royal family. The details are shrouded in secret but one day Jade left her homestead in search of adventure and knowledge.

This ended her up in Cirque fantastique as a fortune teller to make some easy money before continuing her journey through Avastus.

The journey to the west
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The Lost Island Chapters

After the world reset


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