Jason Voorhees

The lost boy




Superhuman Intelligence
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Senses (superior Hearing, vision and Smell, as well as Aura vision)
Minor telepathic abilities
Accelerated Regeneration


Jason Voorhees was born with horrible birth defects, making him so ugly even his own mother couldn’t look at him. He went from orphanage to orphanage because he couldn’t “play nice” with the other children. At the age of 9 he went to camp Crystal Lake where he was drowned by a group of masked children. In the underworld a reaper of souls took pity upon him and resurrected him as a revenant. With this act, she gave him a weapon to exact his revenge upon those that harmed him. The boy then donned a mask of death to hide his hideous appearance.

The boy charged out of the lake but was instantly subdued by one of the keepers at Crystal lake. The boy was to be handed over to the authorities but vanished into the forest. Twenty years later the Infamous Crystal lake massacres happened.

After almost a decade of terrorizing the Crystal lakes Jason was approached by mr Dracula, a keeper of a high end resort for special couples. The Vampire took the young man in, and gave him a place among his employees. Teaching him the values of honesty and justice, even when you are a monster in nature. Jason spent almost fifty years in the couples retreat, until masked people came to the house looking to kill him.

The quest for the crown
Jason was approached by masked men one night and went fully beserk. During the battle his opponents quickly found out Jason was able to regenerate all damage that was done to him, ranging from weapons and elemental damage to psychological damage. The group then threw Jason deep into the well, knocking him out, forcing him into the dreamworld.

Once Jason arrived into the dreamworld he was assaulted by Freddy, a dreamscape demon with the ability to kill those in their sleep. Jason made use of Jason’s greatest fears and harassed him in the form of masked children.

Anangel then rose above the demonizing children and blasted them away with lightning. Jason was still scared and cowered away in a corner. The angel took his hand and removed his mask, telling him it is never about the mask, but about the person underneath. This allowed Jason to see beyond the mask people wear.

Jason then had a showdown with the dreamscape demon but was able to regenerate from any, if not all wounds inflicted to him. The angel, for some reason, had the same abilities, as if these were channeled from a different plane of existence..

Just when it seemed like there would be no end to the battle a portal opened to the real world, possibly releasing the demon from the dreamscape. Just as the demon left into the real world Jason grabbed him by his leg, trapping him in between two worlds. The angel then unleashed her ultimate power and shot a powerful beam of concentrated lightning at the dreamscape demon. Instantly destroying him and the portal, causing the remainder of his body to be smeared out between the two realms.

Jason then awoke and found himself on the bottom of the well. As he crawled out he found his master, Dracula, who asked him if he had learned his lesson. Jason nodded. He had learned that he should not judge a book by it’s mask.

The next morning Jason discovered the masked bandits were actually good souls and the angel was one of them. He decided he would travel with them to find a better place for him in this world.

With them he traveled to the kingdom of eternal night where he was crowned king after aiding in the unification of the city. Hereby he was handed the King’s blade, which he traded with Gyatso to recover his Machette which he had lost before he fell into the well.


After the Satiritar Sinkhole crisis Jason vowed his allegiance to the allies of the north and the Archmage of Trost

Jason Voorhees

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