Jim the Kobold

The Kobold Necromancer of Doom



Jim used to be the necromancer of a small clan of Kobolds that live in the southern parts of Avastus. After turning evil and back twice he became the master of seven legendary zombie slaves turning him into one of the seven archmages, along with Jade and five others.


Jim was born in a cave in the southern parts of Avastus. Here he got his paws on a Draconic cookbook with the power to raise the dead if read backwards. He just used it for cooking.

Journey to the West
After members of his clan came back with a non-magical mirror he was able to start a ritual to summon a powerful demon slave. The ritual however was interrupted by a band of ragtag heroes as another group of bandits was about to steal the altar containing the mirror. In the clash between the bandits and the heroes Steve the bandit died. In his dying breath he touched the mirror causing the powerful demon Kalarel to be summoned.

In a quest for redemption Jim went to Leny, the witch of the forest. In her service he caught Arya Arlovskaya with a net on one of his hunting trips. After helping her recover he guided her back to the city of Swamphaven. Here Arya Arlovskaya convinced him to turn to the path of righteousness.

During his travels with the band of heroes Jim’s magical staff got possessed by the Element of Jealousy. This caused Jim to return to the path of Evil in secret. He then joined the heroes on their quest to destroy the Dracolich that was being summoned by the Evil mr. Timn.

At the end of the battle Jim betrayed his friends and flew away on the newly resurrected Dracolich.

Return of Jim
Jim returned in the city of Threestones, where he somehow managed to lose the staff of Jealousy. Here he apologized and turned to doing good once more. He aided the team in their search for the other elements of doom, and aided them multiple times in the Lost Island Chapters.

After the world reset
After the world reset, Jim continued his horrible cooking for his kobold clan, but was eventually ejected for being a lousy cook. After this he traveled the lands in search for evil artifacts. On his journey’s he ran into Arya Arlovskaya who recognized him from before the world reset. She instantly hugged him to goodness and from that day forth he has been a responsible Necromancer.

After completing a powerful resurrection ritual Jim summoned the Seven Princes of Avastus. These instantly constituted as seven legendary artifacts, and he was allowed to become the archmage of Avastus. Jade finished the same trail at the exact same time, ending the competition in a tie.

As the powerful wizard Yanick the Great was deciding on how to choose the next archmage he was interrupted by the siege of the wizards tower. He split his archmage rights into seven parts, handing Jade and Jim both a wand of might.

Jim then teleported with the party to the kingdom of Myth, from where he started his journey to Grand Koboldus to fulfill his position as archmage.

Jim the Kobold

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