Patrick "Peppy" O'hare





Origin according to Peppy
Peppy is an extremely talented bard, known for his beautiful songs and sharp wit. He alone is responsible for saving the world on three separate occasions. Usually his minion Gyatso isn’t far from his side, always willing to compliment him on his marvelous plays and to provide him with all the apples he needs.

Origin according to Winslow
Peppy is an enthusiastic young fellow, always willing to help those in need. Of course I will not deny he is a little bit slow in the upper chambers, but he has a good heart. One day I found him whilst traveling on the roads to Avastus. When I saw him I instantly recognized the spark he had in his eye and knew there was more to this halfling bard then he was letting on. Now he helps in the adventurers guild wherever and whenever he can. However, he has gone missing after going on another of his “apple runs”.

Origin according to Jade
Peppy was created by the god of mischief to roam the earth and spread confusion wherever he goes. He does so with a magical flute. The flute is magical because there is nothing wrong with it, yet it can not produce a single pure note. Luckily Gyatso knows how to keep him occupied by sending him on errands.

Origin according to Gyatso
Peppy is a demon from the deepest depths of hell, probably the result from a failed experiment to create a doomsday device. After which he got exiled from the depths because he was just simply too annoying. For some reason Winslow sees good in him and keeps him around in the guild. I can’t stand his musical performances. Luckily we lost track of him a while ago. However, sometimes I swear I can still hear his horribly bardsmanship echoing through the hills. I have defied gods and demons, but this is stuff that gives me nightmares.

Origins according toArya
Peppy means well, and he has a good heart. He even saved us once or twice, I just keep wondering how he was able to overpower multiple guards and move a 100 kg door-bar. Maybe there is a powerful warrior hidden deep inside that gentle halfwit.

Origins according to Flynn
The other day Peppy stole my boots to make flower pots. Nuff said.

Patrick "Peppy" O'hare

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