The seeker of Knowledge, Wealth and a way back Home.




Adult Tielfing male about 30 years old, black hairbound in a tight ponytail small goattee
Wears loose robes, simple amulet that was given to him by his father, and a small bo-staff about 1,5 meters long that does function as a walking staff aswell as his chosen implent to channel his innate demonic ability to manipulate fire and ice magic through it. The staff has been with him from since he can remember and always feels warm to the touch.


Reverence was born out of a unlikely union between Glasya (Princess of Hell, Daughter of Asmodeus, current ruler of Malbolge in abscence of her father) and a tiefling male who he has not seen for many years, not after a argument wether he should use his inherrent magical abilities in service of the City of Baldurs gate or to make a name for himself in Fearun.

Reverence chose the latter abandoning his position in the city watch and becoming a hireling, a masterless ronin retaining his services to the highest bidder. And although he works for money he does uphold a honour code, he will not slay women or children nor will he betray his current employer in offer of more money or otherwise appropriate rewards.
After working for about 2,5 years he accepted a quest in wich a wizard asked of him to save his daughter after finding the girl he was betrayed by the wizard who turned out to be an evil archmage who decided having a demi-demon less in the world would be a good idea and banished Reverence to a strange and nknown dimension.

In this Dimesnion Reverence is desperately trying to build up funds to see if he can find a way back home to his beloved Fearun.

Now he finds himself among a party of strange and veteran adventurers hoping he can be of some use.

His ability to cast fire (and in lesser extent ice) magic seems to come naturally to him and while he will never attain the rank of an Archmage through study, his powers can and most likely will develop in a more natural means. Making his pallet of spells smaller but more innate to use.


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