Yufi Arlovskaya

Arya's sister


Yufi’s current whereabouts are unknown, she was last seen talking to one of the guild members before the siege of the wizards tower.


Yufi was born in a hengeyokai nest of two, which is a rare occurrence in Hengeyokai society. As is costumary she and her sister recieved names consisting of four letters; Yufi and Arya. They spent their first years in the forests of [Kingdom here] where they frolicked as hares. After coming of age they took their hybrid forms and were introduced into the complex society of the Hengeyokai. Here both Yufi and Arya were both formally trained in magic, nature and arts. For this reason both girls became followers of Corellon Larethian, god of elves, magic, music, and arts.

After the girls reached full adulthood they decided to find adventure like their parents did so many years ago. For this reason they joined Cirque du fantastique, a traveling circus for talented individuals from around the world. Here, Yufi became well known for her acrobatics acts, where her sister excelled at the use of magic. The two eventually performed in a dual act where they made use of acrobatics, magic and misdirection to make the largest of objects disappear and appear out of thin air.

One faithful evening a man by the Name of Jeffrey Smith visited the Cirque du fantastique whilst it was traveling through avastus. Here he witnessed the twin act of Yufi and Arya. After the show Jeffrey went to visit the fortune teller; Jade, who received a vision of him forcing himself upon Yufi. After telling Jeffrey he would find great riches if he left the fairground and head for his palace Jade attempted to find Yufi on the busy fairgrounds. As Jade was searching the fair grounds it slowly turned into an inferno of armed guards and royal servants. As jade arrived on the scene of Jeffrey’s demise she had visions of what happened.

Yufi had been raped byJeffrey whilst being held down by his henchman. AfterJeffrey turned his back her she pulled a stake from the ground holding down one of the tents and used it to kill and maim Jeffrey’s corpse in a shroud of darkness. After this she disappeared into the night before the henchmen could even see what happened.

That night an Avenger was born.

The journey to the west
After three days of travel Yufi fell to the ground of exhaustion. Here she was awoken by a paladin and her brother, Connor. She recognized the young hengeyokai as the fugitive that assassinated prince Jeffrey and placed her under arrest.

They stopped in a small crossroads inn where they gave her food and water so she could make the journey to Tristar Harbour to stand trail. That evening Connor asked Yufi how long she had been on the path of the Avenger, referring to he dark shrouds he could witness within her. Yufi explained what happened on the fairgrounds, and stated that she had never hurt anybody before this. That evening Connor untied Yufi’s hands and traveled to the city of Swamphaven, where he would have contacts to help her lie low.

After arrival it was revealed Connor’s contact was a snitch who sold out Yufi to the local authorities. Not before long a large group of bandits swarmed the hideout and attacked Connor as Yufi made her escape. Before she could reach the end of the street Yufi discovered the shrouds that were swirling around her, calling her to aid Connor. Five minutes later nine bandits lay dead and the duo had made off into the night.

Connor and Yufi spent five weeks running from the authorities in which Connor taught her in the ways of the Avenger. One evening in Tristar Harbour Connor recieved a letter from his Sister Alice, who needed his help to track down a gang in the City of Fireferret. Yufi heard the circus she was traveling with was coming to town and she would use the opportunity to find her sister.

As Yufi closed in on the fairgrounds she spotted her sister converging with one of the Fare-hands. Just as she was about to reach out to her sister she was bagged by one of mr Timn’s henchmen, who brought her to an undisclosed location where she was tortured by mr Timn, who wished to avenge the death of his brother.

Yufi her ear was cut from her head whilst she was forced in Hybrid form, causing her to pass out. When she awoke she found a large dragonborn barbarian had killed her captors, but she couldn’t see mr Timn. The dragonborn revealed he was captured by mr Timn, but he was going to break the both of them out. Yufi armed herself with a scythe and the two headed for the exit. The two used a magical spell to rendezvous with Arya, Gyatso, Alice, Belanor andJhaqen.

The team now found itsself in mr Timn’s hideout, which they thought to be the prison where Yufi was being kept. Instead they found Sam Samwise and Frodo, who were being held to sacrifice to Kalarel. mr Timn then Killed Sam in an attempt to re-summon Kalarel and engaged in combat with the heroes. After the battle Yufi and Arya had their loving reunion.

After the battle the sisters travelled together, fighting many battles side by side, freeing Avastus from the tirant king Julian Smith, killing the third of the Smith brothers. The Order of paladins had found out the injustice the Smith brothers had caused and acquitted Yufi from all charges laid against her.

The Lost Island Chapters

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Yufi Arlovskaya

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