The Rise and Fall of Avastus

Season 4.12 The Adventurers quarters

Dungeons and debauchery...

‘I found it,’ Arya called out to the group whilst pointing down a large well lit street, ‘The adventurers quarters is this way’
‘Great!’ Richard replied.
’I’m getting really tired of all these mimics’
‘I fought them in the great war you know’ Renegade said whilst casually swinging one of his pickaxes, ’It’s all in my back story you guys never read’.

Gyatso tried not to pay too much attention to these conversations, He’d noticed too many traps on his way in to let his guard down now. Even though the district they now entered was brightly lit and adorned with colorful flags of all nations, the kobolds were a tricky kind and their traps could be anywhere.

The group wasn’t even halfway down the main street when they heard a woman crying in one of the many taverns. As the team stormed in they were confronted with a woman dressed in her nightgown with to her side a muscular male in his underwear. She was sitting on a staircase clutching a small leash that was attached to the man.
‘Oh praise the gods! Heroes!’ She said whilst quickly standing up causing her voluptuous breasts to bounce in her skimpy dress.
‘I thought everybody was killed by those… those monsters!’

‘Hey baby, how much for the slave?!’ Richard blurred out as he dashed forward to inspect the muscular man.’
Richard, don’t be so insensitive…’ Aylin responded, ‘What happened?’
‘Everybody just suddenly started killing each other, me and mike were able to hide. But in our hurry our equipment got stolen’ The lady then turned her attention to Richard with a trembling voice, ‘And I would love to sell you my sexy slave friendly sir!’

Gyatso and Reverence looked at each other for a second and shrugged. It isn’t unusual for Richard to get his way, but never had he engaged in a successful deal so quickly. Reverence lit his pipe and sat himself down on one of the chairs whilst Gyatso started wandering through the tavern in search of traps and useful equipment.

Before Arya could open her mouth to respond Richard pulled out his empty wallet, only to conclude he gave all his money to his kobold followers to construct a mighty throne for his presidency.
‘I shall pay you for your slave later!’ He stammered, ‘You see, I am a millionaire king, and I make a lot of money really quickly! How does 2000 Gold sound? I have it as soon as I reach the bank!’
Richar…’ Arya attempted again before being interrupted by the lady.
’It’s a deal!’ The lady called out, ‘How could I ever resist such a charming and reliable hero such as yourself!’
‘I think Arya is trying to say…’ Aylin tried to step in, but before she could finish her sentence Richard had written an “IOweU” note and taken the slave by the leash to a separate room.

Aylin shrugged as she placed her long coat over the barely dressed woman to keep her warm, Something is up, she thought to herself. Nobody sells off their sex slave five minutes after seeing every inhabitant of a city kill each other. She turned herself to Gyatso who was now heavily blushing as he tried to waver off the advances of the lady who was almost literally throwing herself at him.
‘Aww com’on’ She said whilst pressing her breasts together ever so slightly ‘A strong man like you can guide me to safety can’t you?’
‘Eh…’ Gyatso replied, ‘I’m not sure if that is such a good idea, I thi…’
‘Oh but please, I’ve been hiding for sooooooo long.’ Whilst slowly moving closer to Gyatso’s face with her lips protruded. ‘Can’t you at least keep me company, I don’t want to be alone anymore.’
‘I… Eh….’Gyatso leaned away from the woman, ‘Maybe it’s safer if we all travel togeth…’

‘Oh my, what do we have here,’ The woman quickly shifted her attention to the well groomed Tiefling in the room who had now gotten up from his chair. ‘Aren’t you the handsome devil?’
‘But of course,’ Reverence replied with a soft and charismatic voice as he slowly approached her, ‘Let me show you something my dear,’ he said whilst softly placing his right hand on her cheek.

A loud bang resonated through the room and the other adventurers stood in awe as they witnessed a large ball of fire where the woman’s head had previously been. Her body quickly turned green and gallons of goo oozed from every part of her body as unleashed a monstrous scream. Tentacles sprouted and started lashing out from the flaming creature. Reverence hadn’t trusted her from the start and thought the charade should be over by now.

Gyatso didn’t doubt for a second and dashed towards her ramming his fist on her throat to stop the screaming, he gave a second punch to her leg and a third to her torso to send her flying backwards. Arya quickly charged up her lightning and the battle was over in a flash.

Meanwhile Richard had softly massaged the muscular man whilst undressing him even further.

(Here goes the DM’s soul…)

He took out the large man’s large penis and softly massaged the foreskin until it was fully erect. Richard playfully touched it with his nose before he placed it in his mouth. The man smiled and placed his hands on the back of Richards head. After massaging it for several seconds with his tongue Richard felt the man was now pressing at the back of his head. Always willing to please, Richard took the penis into his mouth as far as he could, where he held it a couple of seconds before he vigorously started sucking the long hard penis. The fun was only just getting started, as Richard felt a hard slap on the back of his head. Richard wasn’t aware he was handling such a rowdy boy and pinched the man’s firm butt cheeks whilst continuing to suck his dick. Richard never minded it when it got rough, but he was a firm believer that kinky sex was a two way street. A second slap to Richard’s head however, almost gave him a concussion and as he slowly opened his eyes to give the man a disapproving yet naughty gnaw to the balls he noticed the man’s body was turning green and rancid ooze was starting to drip from his muscular body. As he tried to push himself away the man took a firm hold of Richard’s head and shoved his now in goo covered penis as far into his mouth as he could. Richard gagged as the ooze was now freely flowing into his throat and was being pushed upward into his nasal cavity. In a split second he used his breaching armour to drop himself through the floor and wall behind him.

Once outside Richard spat on the pavement and wiped the gunk of his face.
‘It’s not often I choke on something of that size,’ He scoffed at himself. ‘… Don’t even know the fucker’s name.’

As he got up from the dirt he could hear a loud explosion coming from the tavern. He ran up and just as he kicked in the door he witnessed a second ooze dropping to the floor twitching with electrical current.
‘What happened to you?’ Aylin almost cried in laughter as she witnessed Richard’s face covered in goo.
‘Long story.’ He replied whilst placing an arrow on his bow.
‘Good one,’ Gyatso smirked, Even though he technically had no prior knowledge of what happened.

The door to the main room violently swung open, in the door opening stood a large oozing creature with tentacles violently rapping against the door post. Aylin drew a dagger and her trusty rapier from its sheath and rushed towards the creature. As she was about to unleash hell upon the creature she slipped and slid underneath it’s massive oozing torso.

Gyatso attempted to aid Aylin, yet made a similar mistake and got himself stuck between the ooze and the door post. Reverence shook his head in disbelief and hurled a massive fireball at the stack of people and ooze. His smile however quickly faded away as the creature lifted up both his friends and used them to stop the fireball. The creature then used his slimy tentacles to grab a solid hold of both heroes but got distracted by an arrow that hit him where his heart would be if he were human. Aylin and Gyatso both saw their chance and used a combined attack to dismember the creature with a combination of blows and cuts. As it fell to the floor Arya couldn’t help but giggle at Gyatso and Aylin who were now covered in thick ooze and what seemed to be blood.

The team used a couple of minutes to get the majority of the goo off their armor and decided it was time to continue to the dragons chamber.

The dragon’s chamber

Upon arrival at the dragons chamber the team witnessed a large purple dragon in a sleeping position with its head pointed towards the heroes. ‘Who dares enter my chambers!’ He said, followed by a loud coughing sound.
‘It’s the old lord dragon!’ Renegade called out whilst dropping his weapons, ‘Please show respect to the almighty adviser of the Kobold kingdom!’
The entire party sheathed their weapons, with the exception of Gyatso who just stared at his hands for a few seconds.
‘It is us, the adventurers who come to free the Kobold kingdom’ Arya called out, ‘Who are you?’
‘I am Strongwing, a dragon in his twilight and the father of the scourge that haunts these halls.’ The dragon spoke in a heavy yet calm voice. ‘My sons have squandered their gift of life and now pray upon the weak.’
‘Can you point us towards your… scourge,’ Gyatso tried as cautiously as possible. ‘And you said sons… Are there two dragons?’
‘I can show you the way, however…’ The dragon paused for a second. ‘It seems I am in need of a favour.’
‘What does it pay?’ Richard inquired whilst smiling broadly.
‘I shall thank you, and point you towards my sons.’ The dragon said without a hint of sarcasm.
‘Consider it done’ Said Aylin, ‘What can we do for you?’

‘I have been wounded in the chaos of the great evacuation and am losing quite some blood. I would highly appreciate it if you could send your healer towards my right flank and fix me so I can spent some more years reflecting on my life.’

The team moved up through a dark cavern and noticed a large wound of almost half a meter in diameter. As they were standing around discussing their possibilities Reverence threw another one of his signature fireballs at the wound completely cauterizing it within seconds. The entire team turned towards him in anger, threatening he should discuss these type of actions before just blasting away like he usually does. His reply, ‘Hon hon hon…’ He said with a heavy Franken accent.

The group moved up to the face of the dragon again. ‘though the operation was painful, I must thank you traveling heroes. I shall enlighten you with two peaces of knowledge. The first is that my sons have let their brutal nature dominate their wisdom, for this reason they have sinned in the eyes of Bahamut and must be destroyed. They are in the chapel of Moradin at the moment, probably torturing lesser life forms such as yourselves.’ The dragon stopped to cough and catch his breath. ‘The second is that we are dragons of darkness, not by choice, but because the sunlight hurts us. Use this against my sons to gain the upper hand and may the light of the earth have mercy upon their soul.’ The dragon let out a large tear that rolled down the side of his gargantuan skull. ‘Now please leave me, I have to rest.’

The team turned towards the chapel of Moradin and head out their way. Arya stayed for a few seconds, contemplating to ask the dragon a question, but as it closed its eyes she quickly followed her allies.

(DM’s note; She had the feeling she had to ask; ‘What is it like to live an eternity?’ )

Once the team entered the chapel of Moradin they noticed daylight peering in through small cracks in the ceiling. This meant they were close to the surface of the mountain once again. As they carefully tread down the chapel’s alley they heard the clapping of dragons wings.

Within a split second Aylin and Richard started a combination of attacks to keep the dragons distracted whilst Arya summoned a massive hurricane to bring down the ceiling to let daylight into the large hallway. Gyatso then used a strong blow to stun the dragon in the cavern to keep it exposed to the sunlight. As Aylin and Richard hacked away at the dragons weak spots Arya used a combination of lightning and the hurricane she summoned to keep the dragons immobilized. The bright daylight kept burning away at their scales as Reverence placed himself upon a large collapsed pillar and unleashed fireball after fireball at the now helpless creatures. As the two dragons fell the team quickly celebrated by going through a small horde the dragons had collected.

However, the majority of coins were Kobold Copper coins and cheap pieces of armor.
‘The Kobold kingdom was never a rich one I guess’ Aylin commented as she kicked some of the copper pile aside. ‘Let’s hope their leader has a better reward in store for us.’
‘I am their leader!’ Richard called out. ‘I am…’
Before Richard could finish his sentence a large explosion resonated throughout the chappel. A bright red light now filled the room and from it came a Tiefling donning an immensely extravagant and advanced piece of armor. ‘Reverence! There is no time to explain! Come with me!’
‘ That guy looks exactly like Reverence,’ Gyatso said whilst comparing the two. ‘You think the monk of time has something to do with this?’
As Gyatso was still halfway his sentence Reverence glanced around the room and stepped through the portal with his other or future self. The portal then quickly collapsed and the heroes were then left within the dim moldy chapel.

‘Home anyone?’ Arya said whist tying her wands to her back.


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